About us

Sastrería Roqueta begins its journey in 1.984 founded by the tailor craftsman Daniel Roqueta.

During its first years, the main activity of tailoring focuses on the manufacture of suits and accessories for bullfighting professionals. Mainly for banderilleros and picadores.

In 2013 it changes its legal form to Sastrería Roqueta S.L.

One year later, he moves to his new facilities at Manuel Viola 2, in Utebo (Zaragoza).

We currently have several departments, the main one being the one dedicated to bullfighting tailoring for professionals and amateurs and opera and theatre productions.

We also have a religious tailoring department, another department for small jobs and special works (Embroidery and MML Designs) and another department dedicated to the creation of fashion and complements with bullfighting inspiration (DeAzabache Brand)

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience and our obsession for continuous improvement, we offer:

  • High quality products
  • The best customer service